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Durland Digital has been providing fine art printing services since 1999. The business is operated by photographer, software engineer, and digital printing professional Sven Durland, a Lake Oswego (Portland), Oregon resident. Sven has worked with digital image processing extensively in his previous engineering career. His critical eye, attention to detail, and well-developed sense of design and color is key to the business success. Watercolor artist wife Maud Durland (MaudArt.com) is providing valuable assistance in some critical color determinations.


Visit Sven Durland's Fine Art Photography website at DurlandPhotoArt.com







Passionate about working with individual artists at all levels

Durland Digital will strive to exceed your expectations.


Phone # 503-475-2659   Hours of operation: Mon-Fri: 9 am - 6 pm PT

Email is the preferred method of contact  info@DurlandDigital.com


Visits by appointment only

Please note, minimum total order amount: $50

Durland Digital is now accepting new clients on a limited basis



Durland Digital Fine Art Printing

Lake Oswego - Oregon


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